There is a lot of talk, both positive and negative, surrounding the generation known as “millennials.” Regardless of how you feel about them, millennials, also known as “Gen Y,” now make up a large part of the workforce. This generation, born between 1981 and 1996, is characterized by its use of digital and social media after having been raised during the technological revolution. Because members of Gen-Y have such a high-volume of information available to them and are increasingly open and connected with one another regarding their career experiences, they tend to be pickier when looking at potential employers. So how do you write a job description that appeals to the millennial workforce? Use the best practices below.

Keep it Lighthearted and Fun

Gen-Y is far less traditionally formal than their parents, having grown up in an online culture that rewards topical and clever copy in the form of memes, listicles, and satirical articles. As such, you can use humor to your advantage when writing a job description that is aimed at millennials.

Highlight the Social Difference Your Company Makes

Since millennials tend to be highly conscious of their impact on the world, highlighting the social and environmental difference that your company and the position you are posting makes in the world is a good way to attract Gen-Y applicants.

Keep Your Social Media Active

Chances are that millennial professionals are going to take your social media accounts into consideration when researching your company. As such, it is best to keep your business’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages up to date and ensuring that they are an accurate representation of your culture and mission.

Highlight Opportunities for Growth

Millennials tend to change jobs more often than members of previous generations due to the lack of growth prospects within their companies. Highlighting opportunities for advancement can help applicants see a long-term future with your businesses. Be careful, however, to not get yourself into legal trouble by promising more than you can provide during the hiring process.

Describe Your Company Culture

According to HR Morning, company culture and opportunity for socialization with coworkers outside of work is an important factor for more job-seeking millennials.

Wow Them With Your Branding

Show millennials that your company is modern and fun by showcasing your logo and designing your ad to be aesthetically pleasing. Make sure you post your job (with graphics) to your social media channels as well!

Focus on the Perks

A good work-life balance is a must for Gen-Y job seekers. Highlight any unusual or impressive perks that your business offers, such as unlimited PTO, annual company retreats or social events, and in-office amenities.

Having an age-diverse workforce can help to bring multiple differing and important perspectives to your operation and elevate your company’s overall functionality. While attracting qualified millennial candidates can be a challenge in a changing job market, using the tips above will help you to capture the attention of your ideal audience and bring the right people into the interview room.

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