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At AB&P we energize business owners by removing the burden of bookkeeping and payroll processing.

Providing bookkeeping services to the South Bay, Los Angeles, and Orange County business communities since 2005, our team has the competence and integrity to help you with all of your bookkeeping needs. You can count on us. We give our clients and customers the peace of mind they deserve by providing exceptional service at an affordable price. Are you ready to see if we are a great match for your needs?  Fill out a questionnaire here and we’ll schedule a free phone consultation to discuss your situation.

At AB&P we will:


  • Post Income to Proper Accounts
  • Post Handwritten Checks
  • Post Debits
  • Post Cash Expenses
  • Post Credit Card Charges
  • Manage Accounts Receivable
  • Manage Accounts Payable
  • Reconcile Bank Statements
  • Reconcile Credit Card Statements
  • Reconcile Loan Statements
  • File Sales Tax Prepayments/Returns
  • Prepare Monthly Financial Reports
  • Prepare Annual 1099 Forms
  • Prepare Unsecured Property Tax Statement

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