Today is my final day in the office before heading on a vacation to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary. I don’t usually write personal information on my blog which is usually dedicated to topics related to entrepreneurship, as well as bookkeeping and payroll tips to help business owners be successful. But since this is such a special occasion, I thought I’d share it with you.

As a business owner, I have rarely taken vacations. I may take time off to visit family out of state, but I usually am in touch with my staff and clients by responding to email, or even doing some work remotely with the use of technology. I would usually log into my computer early in the morning and again later at night to handle tasks needing my attention.

Because my industry has so many deadlines throughout the weeks and months of the year, it isn’t always easy to get away. But as my staff has grown and become responsible for handling many of these duties, it is giving me the opportunity to free up my schedule. And with this milestone anniversary, I am taking my dream trip!

I’ve always wanted to see the Mediterranean and hoped I’d someday get to do a cruise there. And I told my husband we needed to do something nice to celebrate as 25 years together is a huge accomplishment. He has been gone much of the last 2 years as a long-distance truck driver, so it will give us time together while checking out some amazing places in another part of the world. So we are leaving on Tuesday afternoon to fly to Barcelona, spend 2 days there, board the week and a half long cruise, disembark in Rome and see a few sights before flying back home on the 22nd.

I’m thankful my staff is supportive of me being gone as well. I wouldn’t be able to be out of the office without their help! I know they will do a fabulous job while I’m traveling as they love this company almost as much as I do!

And according to an article by Karen Reed, there are some other benefits I’ll receive as well because of this trip. If you’d like to read why traveling is good for your health, see

I may post some photos upon my return to my FaceBook page business page, so if you’d like to check in later and see, be sure to like us at

And thanks to all the friends and clients of Affordable Bookkeeping because today is the anniversary of the start of my business! I appreciate you very much and am thankful for the relationships we have built.

I can hardly wait for this dream trip, and look forward to sharing some of the photos of what we were able to see and do!

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