The enterprise sales cycle can be a complex and long process. One way to be more efficient in your business is to conduct sales virtually. Vice President of Regional Sales at Nvoicepay, Doug Seaberg, shares in CPA Practice Advisor multiple reasons why changing to a remote sales process can help your business be more efficient. 

One benefit that is shared by Seaberg is how changing to remote sales can save you time. At his company, they found themselves racking up frequent flyer miles in order to attend out of town meetings and events. Unfortunately, these meetings would generally be brief with clients so employees would have to waste their time in a hotel. 

His company would also fly out prospects to their business’ headquarters to have face-to-face meetings. Overall, these appointments wasted valuable time for clients and employees. By changing to remote sales, the company not only saved employees’ time but also saved the company money for not having to pay for travel expenses.

There can definitely be value in meeting clients face-to-face, however, there are times where it may be unnecessary for businesses. For example, according to research completed by McKinsey, more than three quarters of buyers prefer a digital sales experience with remote human engagement compared to face-to face interactions. Prior to booking your travel plans for a sales meeting, first see if it is a necessary cost or if the client is open to meeting virtually. 

Instead of using your time traveling to meet with clients, Seaberg recommends using this extra time to organize and improve your remote sales process which can be devoted to branding your business online and helping your company build a better virtual presence.

By creating a remote sales experience, you will be able to service more customers in less time. You will also have reduced travel expenses and will gain more time for your business. This will allow you to focus on more important tasks at hand and create a more efficient, valuable experience for customers.

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