It is crucial for the wellbeing of organizations to normalize talking about risks within the workplace, especially when it comes to preventing cyber-attacks. Employers must take the time to educate staff so they can easily recognize warning signs and be smarter with technology being used. 

By doing this, you can potentially prevent a breach from happening within your organization. If your staff are already knowledgeable about cyberthreats, then they will be able to better assist you with keeping client data safe.

One step that can help keep your organization from a cyberattack is implementing software that has built-in internal controls allowing you to assign user permissions limiting access for employees to only the areas they need to perform their duties. It is essential that your organization has strong internal controls so that you can prevent data theft from occurring.

Cloud based systems have become crucial in today’s world due to remote and hybrid work arrangements. These systems allow employees to access client data from any location. If you are researching a cloud based system, consider the cost savings, accessibility aspect for employees, and the enhanced security it offers. 

If you have questions on how a cloud system can prevent an attack in your organization, contact your IT professional today. And if you don’t have someone you know and would like a referral to the one I trust, reach out to my office at 310-534-5577 or

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