If your business is currently on social media platforms, it isn’t a surprise that video marketing continues to be a big trend. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a professional videographer or have costly equipment to share your expertise. As long as you have a smartphone or a camera, you can start making video content for your business.

Although you may be hesitant to get started, a recent survey shows that 87% of marketing professionals saw an increase in traffic due to video marketing. It was also found that 86% believed that video helped them generate new leads. 

If you are looking for a way to increase traffic and target new customers for the new year, consider adding video content to your marketing strategy. Here are some helpful tips to get started with creating videos and marketing your business with video online:

1. What are your video marketing goals?

The first step to getting started with video marketing is defining your goals. What type of return are you wanting for your video marketing efforts? Are you looking for more views on social platforms ,greater engagement, a higher click-through rate, or effective brand awareness? These are just a few of the goals that you could have for wanting to begin posting video content on social media platforms. 

2.  Begin brainstorming content ideas.

Now that your goals are created, you need to begin coming up with different video ideas that you would like to post consistently. There is a large variety of video content that you can choose from. 

You can create behind the scenes or “a day in the life” video to help customers feel more connected with you or post how-to videos providing a tutorial showing how to do something. This type of video should ideally be related to your product or service. 

Another content idea is creating a video that features reviews and testimonials from your customers. From creating a video that explains how your products or services work to filming live at your events, the content ideas are endless for your business. We recommend taking time to write down your ideas and create a content calendar so you can stay consistent with posting your videos. 

3. Purchase necessary equipment.

Although most smartphones have the capability to take professional photos, you may want to invest in additional items before creating videos. For example, the audio on your video can either make or break the content so it is sometimes wise to purchase a quality microphone. There is a microphone available for a variety of budgets. 

Another piece of equipment you may want to purchase is lighting. You can begin using natural light and then slowly upgrade to a kit for less than $150. Lastly, if you want to avoid shaky footage,  invest in a tripod to keep your video stable. 

4. Write your script.

The next important step is to take time to write out what you want to say in your video. This will help ensure that your recording session goes smoothly. If you don’t know where to start with creating your script, begin with finding a hook. 

It’s important to grab your audience’s attention by using an exciting shot or engaging headline. Now that you have their attention, it is essential to keep it. Try to share the most important part of your content in the beginning to keep viewers engaged. 

Another tip is to overdeliver. This could be by providing more than what you promised in the beginning of your video or adding background context to your story.  

As you conclude your video, end with a call to action (CTA). This tells the viewer what next step they need to take. For example, you could ask them to like your post or comment. Lastly, as a reminder, do your best to keep your script brief so that your video is to the point.

5. Record your video.

After you have rehearsed your script, it is time to start recording. It is recommended to record multiple videos in one sitting to help save you time. By batch recording, you will have enough content to post on consistent video. 

6. Edit your recordings.

The last step is to edit your video. There are many tools and applications available that can help you to create a professional-quality videos.

If you are interested in attracting new business and would like to take your company to the next level, consider adding video content to your social media platforms. By taking the above tips into consideration, you will hopefully see an increase in traffic and create a more engaged audience. 

If you found this information helpful, would you please share it with others who may also want to start creating video content? Thank you!


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