In order to be more timely with returns, the IRS has suspended multiple notifications that are mailed to taxpayers. Due to limited resources, the IRS has determined that suspending certain letters will allow them to better utilize their staff and help minimize burden for taxpayers, businesses, and tax professionals.

The IRS announced that they will be suspending more than a dozen notification letters.

These include the automated collection notices that are provided to taxpayers who owe additional taxes, balance due notices and unfiled tax return notices.

Although the IRS is suspending a majority of their mailing notifications, it is important to note that they do not have the authority to stop all notices from being sent as some are legally required to be mailed to taxpayers within a certain timeframe. With this in mind, you may still continue to receive certain letters from the IRS.

Unfortunately, due to the unforeseen challenges of the pandemic, the IRS has millions of original and amended returns filed by businesses and individuals from the prior year that have yet to be processed. The goal for suspending these mailing notifications is for the IRS to be more timely and to reduce their inventories so they can better serve taxpayers.

Taxpayers should be aware that the suspended notices will return as they have just temporarily stopped until the IRS’ backlog is worked through.

They will continue to assess the inventory from the prior year to determine when to resume mailing notifications and will provide continuous updates regarding this to the public.

If you would like a full list of the notifications that have been suspended, please visit for more details.

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