Discover the extraordinary journey of Kyle Gillette as he unveils the hidden power of forward questions in fostering independent thinking and collaboration. From the tranquil orange farms of California to the bustling world of business coaching, Kyle’s path took an unexpected twist that transformed the way he empowers others. Brace yourself for a story of self-discovery and revelation that will leave you craving for more. Get ready to uncover the key that unlocks the potential of your team, as we delve into Kyle’s remarkable narrative, where every question leads to a new possibility.

Key Notes

  1. Unlock the full potential of your employees and watch engagement and productivity soar.
  2. Gain valuable insights into your employees’ needs and preferences through assessments, leading to a more tailored and effective approach to empowerment.
  3. Harness the power of forward questions to ignite independent thinking and collaboration among your team, fostering a culture of innovation and growth.
  4. Encourage critical thinking and autonomy in your employees with the use of thought-provoking questions, unlocking their problem-solving skills and driving impactful results.
  5. Create a collaborative environment that nurtures creativity and promotes innovative solutions to challenges, enhancing your organization’s ability to stay ahead in a competitive market.



The first 40 pages of my book, Right Now Leadership. This is an opportunity to apply for a free consultation with Kyle where he will help you create a strategy to implement some of the things we will talk about on the show.

Meet Kyle

Kyle Gillette is a four-time business owner and current owner of Blue Shirt Coaching. This helps chiropractors and other business owners Build better systems, empower their teams, grow their leadership, and Increase revenue and profits through a level of accountability. Kyle has multiple coaching and behavioral assessment certifications. He is a podcast host, author, and creator of the Blue Shirt Leadership Framework.

Kyle helps his clients (B)e Self-Aware Leaders, (L)ead with Accountability, (U)se a Growth Mindset, and (E)mpower Others. His goal is to help them Be More, Do More, Have More, and Give More. He is always looking to share practical insights from his experiences wrapped in engaging stories. Always an open book, Kyle provides an honest look at business, leadership, and being a dad.

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