Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses have had to create a work from home option for non-essential employees. This includes companies that previously did not allow or have the structure for employees to telecommute. While the need to move business online has been a challenge for many companies, it has also been an incredible learning experience that has turned the traditional workday on its head in many positive ways. 

In fact, as a result, many businesses are now offering employees the ability to continue remote work even after the crisis subsides. According to, COVID-19 has afforded us three important insights that are important to consider when determining the future of work from home programs.

Refocus on Communication

Refocusing on the basics of communication within your company is a must in this new era of digital business. Even when employees are unable to gather in person, using a robust project management software, CRM, and storing your data in a cloud system are all great ways to ensure that your team stays on the same page and that work is streamlined and efficient. Emphasizing the importance of time management with your staff and checking in regularly through video meetings, phone calls, and emails can help your employees remain productive and conscious of upcoming deadlines as well as reduce any fatigue they may feel from disorganization or lack of clearly defined objectives while working from home.

Make Work Accessible from Anywhere

Many companies initially struggled to set up a cloud storage system to give employees access to documents and programs essential to their job functions at the onslaught of the pandemic, However, doing so has proven to be an extremely valuable step for all who have taken it. Continuing to make work accessible anywhere is key to the future of companies in the digital age and can aid in your future disaster recovery plans so that you are prepared to continue your operations no matter what your external circumstances throw at you.

Focus on the Human Side

As an entrepreneur, you may worry that not seeing your team in person might lead to less employee loyalty and connection. In order to overcome this, there are a few best practices you can follow. Firstly, respecting your employee’s work/life balance is crucial to maintaining a good relationship with your team. While it may seem like your staff should have more time due to the lack of commute, making sure that you stick to regular work hours will help your team stay mentally and emotionally healthy and avoid burnout. 

Focusing on your leadership skills during this time is also essential. Providing inspiration and direction for your team can help them to get excited about the future of your company and their role in it.  Create human connections with your team and check in regularly to see how they’re doing.

Likewise, focus on creating personal relationships with your clients. Utilizing video conferencing software is a great way to do this, as it helps your customers associate your name and face and makes your written communication with them feel more human.

COVID-19 has certainly turned traditional business structure on its head, but the ability to refine your company’s  work from home structure is a valuable side effect! For more tips on telecommuting effectively, read our article here.

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