If you are a small business owner with staff in multiple states, you know that it can be a difficult task to stay up to date with numerous minimum wage rate changes. Nearly half of our country increased minimum wages for hourly workers after January 1, 2022 in order to continue the goal of a living wage for all workers. For 2023, there are more than a dozen states that will be increasing their rate going into the new year. In order to help you stay compliant and ensure you are raising wages accordingly, here is a list of the states that will be increasing the minimum wage rate this coming year.

State Minimum Wage Changes Effective 2023

California: $15.50 minimum will apply to all employers. Annual increases beginning in January 1/1/23

Connecticut: $15 minimum effective 6/1/23

Delaware: $11.75 minimum effective 1/1/23

Florida: $12 effective 9/30/23

Illinois: $13 effective 1/1/23

Massachusetts: $15 effective 1/1/23

Michigan: $10.10 effective 1/1/23

Minnesota: Annual increase begin 1/1/23

Missouri: $12 effective 1/1/23

Montana: Annual increases begin 1/1/23

Nevada: $11.25 effective 1/1/23 (If you provide your employees with health insurance, you can pay $1.00 less than the minimum wage rate). 

New Jersey: $14 effective 1/1/23 (However, for businesses with less than 6 employees and seasonal staff, the minimum wage rate will be $12.70)

New Mexico: $12 effective 1/1/23

Ohio: Annual increases begin 1/1/23

Oregon: Annual increases begin 7/1/23

Rhode Island: $13 effective 1/1/23

Vermont: Annual increases begin 1/1/23

Virginia: $12 effective 1/1/23

Although the federal minimum wage will be remaining at $7.25, it is essential that employers with employees spread across the country be mindful of any state wage increases. You should also be aware that there are 9 states that have passed legislation to reach $15 minimum wage in 2023 or beyond. These states are the following: 

  • Connecticut (2023)
  • Delaware (2025)
  • Florida (2026)
  • Illinois (2025)
  • Maryland (2025)
  • Massachusetts (2023)
  • New Jersey (2024)
  • Rhode Island (2025)
  • Virginia (2026)

If you need assistance navigating these minimum wage changes for the new year or for the future, please contact me today at 310-534-5577 or [email protected]


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