Small business owners often struggle with the pros and cons of technology. Automated systems can be more efficient and lower costs, but they can also be off-putting to your customers if not easily usable. Jon Aidukonis and Gene Marks discuss in a podcast episode how small business owners can find the right balance of technology benefits without harming the customer experience.

Automated technology can complicate simple processes for customers, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) errors can snowball into bigger problems. These systems may complicate complex queries, requiring extra tech support. Technically inexperienced staff can necessitate additional help with customer issues.

Customers tend to prefer businesses with live support. Interactions with real people convey care and build brand loyalty. To maximize technology benefits, businesses should prioritize maximizing customer experience rather than solely cutting costs. 

Strong security measures are essential to prevent theft and breaches.

Examples of helpful automated technology include AI chats, self-service point-of-sale systems, creative platforms, text reminders, and systems like Google Business AI Chat.

Jon Aidukonis and Gene Marks illustrate how some companies strike a balance between automation and human interaction, and share their personal experiences with technology in business.

Remember that the opinions expressed in the podcast are for informational purposes only. 

Is Automated Technology Helping or Hurting My Business? (

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