Join Me and special guest Mickie Kennedy, the founder of E-releases, as we discuss the wonders of press release distribution services. This episode is packed with valuable insights and tips on how small businesses can enhance their visibility and credibility through strategic PR strategies. From crafting compelling press releases to attracting journalists’ attention with engaging hooks, Mickie covers it all. Discover how press releases can increase visibility, build credibility, and attract loyal customers. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for effective PR techniques, this episode is a must-watch!

Key Notes

  • Craft press releases that capture attention and drive results.
  • Enhance your small business’s visibility and reach through expert press release distribution.
  • Boost your credibility and reputation by leveraging media coverage for your business.
  • Discover the power of adding a human interest element to your press releases.
  • Gain valuable insights on increasing visibility and credibility for your small business with press release distribution.


Meet Mickie

Mickie Kennedy is the Founder and President of eReleases, the small business
leader for press release distribution, now celebrating 24 years in business. He is an expert at helping small businesses increase their visibility and credibility and he’s here today to share some valuable insights.


I would love for you first to just talk about how can these press releases even increase visibility for businesses. I think we often think it is it is like the big
companies that are putting something out there, but how can we as small businesses incorporate them also into a marketing strategy

Mickie Kennedy 6:08

Right. So the first thing that I have to tell people is journalists do not like to profile large companies. Everyone is going to cover Microsoft and Google. It is just the nature of
their size, but they know that a large business that has a new product coming out can certainly afford to pay for advertising. And so they feel less of a need to cover it. They
like to cover the undiscovered places because journalists like to be seen as curators and for that reason, the smaller you are and the more unknown you are is an
the advantage when it comes to getting media attention, so, you know, do not underestimate the power of being small and unknown and, you know, seem like you are not
worthy of Getting p r when it comes to, you know, what happens when someone reads an article about you, it is like a 3rd party corroboration.

It is like social proof. A journalist has written about you, I am guilty of this. I read a great article about a Kickstarter, and the next thing I knew, I had got my credit card out, and I
am supporting this great because the truth is I did not open a link to a new window and see if I could find a similar product on Amazon, you know, I got this warm
feeling of reading this article and I wanted to do business with these people, I want to support this because That is what happens with P. R. And so when you get
media attention, the customers that you generally get from that are very loyal and they want to do business with you. They are not looking for the best price or if
they can find something that, you know, maybe fulfills some of what you have, they want to support you.

As a result, if you take that same article and then put it in front of your existing customers, they are going to have a really good feeling as well. And maybe each year a
certain percentage of your customers shop just to see if they are with the right company and maybe this year they feel they do not have to like this article is proof that we are
the right company, same thing with leads. So you put that LinkedIn in front of your leads on your social media and, you know, some people are always on the
fence that you are going to lose. Like maybe the percentage was you did not get Over the 50 % mark, but you got them to 48 % maybe getting that article in front of
them and having them read it would get them to the 52 % mark or the 53 % mark where they decide, yeah, you know, this is the company we go with.

And so these are all the types of amazing things that happen with p r you know, not just the people that you get naturally from the article, but the fact that you could then
use that article and get it out there to other people. I had 1 offline client, a carpet company in New Jersey that just dominated in their industry trade publications and
The interesting thing as I pointed out was we are getting a lot of great, you know, pick up in floor covering trade publications, but your customers are not reading these and
they are just like we know what we are doing and so towards the end of a 1-year campaign we did with them and got about 30 articles they put together what they call a
brag book and they started whenever they gave a quote to someone in their home, they would show them here we are profiled in floor trade weekly and here we are and
you know, for coverings today all of these national publications as well as the local newspaper in New Jersey magazine and they started converting about 14 % more of
those leads than previously just by introducing that that brag book and you know, that is a statistical proof, you know, that getting this stuff can help you even if it is
just in passing, they said they spent no more than a minute thumbing through the book to show them where they had picked up before.

And so it is a very valuable sales tool because it does, you know, give you the authority and credibility that you are looking for out there in the marketplace

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