Did you know that California has strict new workplace violence prevention requirements that all employers need to comply with by July 2024? I cover everything you need to know, from defining workplace violence per the new labor codes to step-by-step instructions for creating a workplace violence prevention plan, incident logs, and training. I know complying with regulations can feel overwhelming, but I present this in very clear, easy-to-grasp language. I even provide free downloadable resources to help put your plan together. If you have staff in California, I highly recommend listening to get fully up to speed on what will be required over the next year. This affects practically all employers, so better to get a head start! The steps are all logical and doable if you educate yourself now. Let me know if you have any other questions! Happy to chat more about how to make this transition smooth for your business. #WorkplaceViolencePreventionCA #SB553ComplianceCA #CalOSHAViolenceTraining #WorkplaceIncidentLogCA #ReportingWorkplaceViolenceCA #CaliforniaEmployers #WorkplaceSafetyCA #EmployeeProtectionCA #WorkplaceViolenceTraining #CalOSHAComplianceCA  

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