Unlock the door to sustainable revenue growth and competitive advantage for your business! In this episode of Biz Help For You, I’m joined by Mark Osborne, a marketing technology pioneer, to delve into groundbreaking insights that can transform your business. Mark sheds light on the powerful impact of prioritizing high-quality leads over quantity, revealing how to identify signals that indicate a potential customer is ready to make a purchase. Dive into the world of differentiated positioning and learn how it can amplify your ad effectiveness exponentially while being cost-effective. Explore innovative ways to comprehend your customer’s journey and influence their decisions without splurging on advertising. Gain firsthand knowledge on analyzing your top customers’ spending to unlock strategic insights. Don’t miss out – tune in now and supercharge your business with these revolutionary strategies!  

Key Notes 

  •  Build sustainable and successful businesses by mastering lead generation techniques that focus on quality over quantity.   
  •  Learn revenue-focused systems and strategies to drive sustainable growth and gain a competitive edge in your industry.   
  •  Understand the importance of focusing on quality leads and how it can transform your business’s success.   
  •  Discover effective metrics and tracking methods to measure the effectiveness of your lead generation efforts.   
  •  Shift from quantity to quality in lead generation and witness the impact on your revenue and business sustainability.   




Mark provides a free download of my #1 Best Selling Book “Are Your Leads KILLING Your Business?” to the first 50 listeners and offers a Free Growth Systems Strategy Session to diagnose the fastest path to growth and provide key benchmarks for success against KPIs gathered from working with other clients in SaaS, Tech, and B2B Services.   

Meet Mark

Recognized by AdAge Magazine as a “Marketing Technology Trailblazer” in 2017 and a #1 Best-Selling Selling Author on B2B Marketing and Sales, Mark Osborne brings decades of experience integrating Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success for Early-Stage SaaS, Tech, and B2B / Professional Services Firms.  
Mark has delivered tens of millions of dollars in revenue for his clients, often doubling revenues and pipelines in 90 days (about 3 months) through his focus on building Revenue Systems that emphasize strategic approaches to revenue growth.  He is the founder of Modern Revenue Strategies offering a “10X ROI B2B Growth Guarantee.”   


So can you talk about shifting that set from just, you know, getting out there and getting a whole bunch of
names to focus on those quality leads so that you can generate more revenue

Yeah, absolutely. So it is something that I think is important and I have seen so many times that businesses can get really obsessed with the quantity. I need
more leads, I need more leads, I need more leads. And in fact, the book that I published earlier this year is called Your Leads Killing Your Business because, you know,
we all know this sort of 8020 rule that, you know, 80 % of your revenues comes from just 20 % of your customer customers. And so as I thought about that working with,
you know, some early Stage B2B, Saas technology services for firms, I thought, how can you focus 80 % of your efforts on that 20 % of leads that make up 80 % of your
revenue and what I saw was that companies that do not build systems that allow them to do that they get distracted by the quantity.

And so they are then sort of chasing customers that are not well qualified. And so those those customers wind up You know, not understanding the value
proposition that you bring to market. And so they want to negotiate on price. So they cut your margins down and then they do not understand why you are
building the product the way that you are because they do not understand the value proposition. So they want you to customize it. So they are hard to service and
then they they wind up churning out of your business and they do not renew and they do not grow with you and they do not make any referrals or testimonials because they
were never really, you know, sort of a good fit to begin with. And so when Your company is, you know, sort of servicing these types of customers.

It pulls you behind the marketplace and you wind up killing your business because your competitors have built systems that allow them to identify. This is a
well-qualified prospect. I want to put all of my energies and efforts on, you know, marketing to them, selling to them, closing them and growing them, and those well-qualified prospects, you know, bring you ideas and they are happy to grow with you as you are developing the solutions that you know will lead to your company
dominating the marketplace, but without systems in place to identify and attract those right prospects and then accelerate them through the sales pipeline and then active
motivate those clients for renewals, upsells and referrals. Without those systems, you will wind up killing your business by chasing the quantity of sort of unqualified lea

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