Welcome to my latest episode, where I delve into the intriguing and often overlooked benefits of employee turnover with renowned business strategist Andrew Cook. In this insightful discussion, Andrew unpacks how an employee exodus, while initially daunting, can open doors to unexpected opportunities and growth. You’ll learn about the dynamics behind employee departures, how to transform challenges into strategic advantages, and ways to leverage turnover for innovation and fresh perspectives. With real-life examples of successful organizational pivots post-exodus and actionable strategies for leaders to thrive during transitions, this episode is a must-watch. Andrew Cook brings over two decades of experience in helping organizations navigate change, offering a wealth of knowledge and practical insights.



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Meet Andrew

Andrew Cook, a seasoned business partner and owner, brings a unique blend of back-office expertise and a rich professional history. With 20 years of service in the US Navy and a career spanning HR and Operations since 2007, he boasts a diverse background across non-profit, for-profit, and government sectors.

His true passion lies in empowering small and micro-businesses to thrive. He believes there’s a smarter way for business owners to access invaluable experience without enduring the school of hard knocks.

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