Today, I want to share some important news from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that will have a significant impact on both taxpayers and IRS workers. The IRS made a big announcement, and it’s going to affect how they do things from now on. They’ve decided to put an end to the surprise home and business visits they used to do. No more unexpected knocks on your door from the tax man!

Instead, they will send you a letter to schedule a meeting if they need to talk to you. It’s all part of their plan to keep their workers safe and to deal with those pesky scammers pretending to be IRS agents. Smart move, right?

Although the IRS made unannounced visits to homes and businesses in the past, they recently updated their policies to schedule visits going forward. This is to protect agents as well as taxpayers. I shared this update in my video Enhancing Safety and Service.  But, I want you to have information to protect yourself in case the time comes that an agent does schedule a visit with you. It’s important to verify their identity to make sure they are indeed an agent with the IRS.

This change marks the end of an era for the IRS. Their revenue officers won’t be showing up at your doorstep anymore to collect unpaid taxes or deal with unfiled returns. It seems they’ve been facing more threats lately, and that’s probably one of the reasons they’re making this shift.

Last year, they started looking into safety issues at their facilities, and now they’re taking this step to protect their workers and their families. The Treasury Department’s inspector general even voiced concerns about anti-government groups using the Internet and social media to target IRS employees and their personal information. Scary stuff!

The good news is that the National Treasury Employees Union, which represents IRS workers, is on board with this change. They believe their officers can still do their job effectively through other means of communication.

This whole home visit process has been a hot topic this year. A Republican lawmaker raised questions about why a journalist got a surprise visit from an IRS agent after testifying on Capitol Hill. But the IRS Commissioner, Daniel Werfel, thinks this new policy will address those concerns and make things better.

And it’s not just about safety. There have been scams going around where spoofers pretend to be IRS agents to trick people into paying them money for bogus balances. That’s caused a lot of confusion, and the IRS wants to put an end to that too.

So there you have it! No more unannounced IRS visits at your doorstep. It’s all about safety, security, and making sure you’re dealing with a real agent when it comes to your tax balances and unfiled returns. Stay informed and keep an eye out for those official letters from the IRS!

If you know you have unpaid taxes or unfiled returns and want to avoid the tax man from setting an appointment to meet with you, speak to your CPA set up a payment plan, and submit outstanding returns.

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