I wanted to share a fascinating conversation I recently had with David Hartley, a forward-thinking CPA and partner at Anders CPAs & Advisors. David has a unique background spanning over 30 years in accounting, finance, and technology leadership. With experience as a CIO and working with privately-held companies, he offers valuable insights on driving innovation and growth. In our chat, David shares: – Key strategies for transforming accounting firms to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape. He stresses the importance of embracing new technologies like AI and getting educated on emerging tools. – How small business owners can leverage services like cash flow forecasting and profitability metrics. Understanding your numbers is critical! – Tips for managing healthy growth and setting your company up for an eventual exit. It’s never too early to think about the future value of your business. – His perspective on remote work trends and best practices for creating a positive employee experience. And lots more! David is truly an engaging speaker with so much wisdom to offer. I encourage you to check out the full conversation. Connect with David on LinkedIn for ongoing accounting and tech thoughts: www.linkedin.com/in/davidhartley Let me know what you found most valuable! Looking forward to continuing the discussion. 

Key Notes 

  • Master small business growth strategies and technology to propel your company forward.   
  •  Optimize financial management for increased profitability and business value.   
  •  Uncover the crucial importance of cash flow forecasting for sustainable success.   
  •  Embrace and adapt to remote work trends for enhanced productivity and flexibility.   
  •  Learn the art of building relationships in hybrid environments for a thriving business ecosystem.   


David offers a Free consultation with Anders Virtual CFO   

Meet David 

David Hartley serves as the partner-in-charge of advisory at Anders CPAs + Advisors (Anders), showcasing his unique blend of technological expertise and CPA proficiency cultivated over his career spanning more than three decades. With a background in C-suite leadership and consulting with privately held enterprises, he specializes in helping middle-market businesses grow with a focus on innovation and technology.  
Dave’s cumulative experiences have seamlessly converged into his current role-architecting the CPA firm of the future at Anders. Within this capacity, he steers advisory practice, orchestrating strategic direction and propelling growth. Dave’s previous role as a chief information officer (CIO) enables innovative use of technology to make businesses more successful. He frequently offers insightful contributions on LinkedIn, at industry conferences, and in popular publications.   

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