Calling all entrepreneurs in traditional industries! 📣 My latest podcast episode on Biz Help For You is a must-listen if you want to transform your business with a highly scalable app. Bryan Clayton shares his expertise and we dive deep into the importance of user feedback and customer suggestions. Get ready to revolutionize your industry!

Key Notes

  • 1. Uncover revolutionary measures applied to commonplace sectors through impactful software solutions.
  • 2. Learn about the complexities encountered during app development and the role of user engagement.
  • 3. Grasp the key role of customer opinions in enhancing and refining the app development process.
  • 4. Get inside information on pricing strategies designed specifically for app-centric platforms.
  • 5. Acknowledge the bravery needed to assertively price products and services without devaluing them.


Meet Bryan

Bryan Clayton is a name to remember in the realm of tech entrepreneurship. Beginning his career as the founder of the highly successful Peachtree, Inc., Bryan soon sensed the potential of technology to reinvigorate traditional industries. He went on to co-found GreenPal, an app that elegantly bridges the gap between homeowners and local lawn care professionals. Today, his app boasts over 200,000 active users and operates throughout the US. Bryan’s dedication to innovation and small business growth positions him as a resourceful guide for budding entrepreneurs journeying through the maze of crafting highly scalable apps.

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