Let me tell you about the fascinating conversation I recently had with Paul Gowder, visionary founder of Powwows.com. For over 25 years, Paul has dedicated himself to building an engaged community that celebrates Native American arts and culture. In this video, Paul shares his wealth of expertise on the essential elements for growing a successful online community. You’ll discover his unique perspective on what community really means and why it extends far beyond any one platform. Paul offers extremely valuable advice for entrepreneurs seeking to nurture genuine connections. Learn key takeaways like tailoring your content to your community’s needs, the power of email outreach, quick conflict resolution, getting help from engaged members, and more. Crucially, Paul explains why you should focus on developing relationships first rather than chasing vanity metrics. Find people truly aligned with your mission. The numbers will grow organically from there. I loved tapping into Paul’s insights on community-building, including mistakes to avoid. Let me know in the comments what resonated most with you!

Key Notes 

  • Master the art of building successful online communities.   
  •  Uncover effective strategies for rapidly growing your email list.   
  •  Discover the benefits of public versus private Facebook groups.   
  •  Implement effective moderation techniques for nurturing online communities.   
  •  Explore the best tools for rapidly building your email list.   

Meet Paul 

Paul Gowder is the owner and founder of PowWows.com which has been the leading online community celebrating Native American arts and culture for the past 25 years. Having experienced the trials and tribulations of running a successful online community for the past 25 years, Paul helps other entrepreneurs navigate the successes and pitfalls of building an online business through his public speaking and consulting services.   

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