Let me tell you about my fascinating chat with Brian, a technical advisor who helps business leaders make smart tech decisions. As someone who used to be an outdoor guide, Brian took an unexpected path into the tech world. But after 15+ years working in software engineering and cybersecurity, he’s turned his expertise into a passion for advising executives on everything from cloud computing to choosing the right software. In our talk, Brian shares tons of practical tips for embracing technology in your business – even if you think you’re not a tech person! We cover: ✔️ How to get strategic about adopting new software ✔️ Red flags to watch out for when evaluating tools ✔️ Building processes to support your tech stack ✔️ Keeping your data safe in an age of hacking And much more. Brian’s insightful approach will help you navigate the complex technology landscape with confidence. So if you’re an entrepreneur or exec overwhelmed by tech decisions, don’t miss this friendly and informative chat! Brian even offers a free 30-minute consult for anyone preparing to make a big tech investment. Let me know what you think in the comments! And if you want exclusive extras from this ep, check out the show notes.

Key Notes

  • Discover how adopting new technology can revolutionize your business operations.
  • Learn effective strategies for choosing the right software to drive business growth.
  • Uncover the importance of technology in enhancing business performance and staying competitive.
  • Gain insights into overcoming challenges when adopting new technology in your business.
  • Explore effective strategies for implementing technology to drive business success.


Brian provides technical due diligence services. If you are considering building or have built software and want an impartial review, Brian is happy to help.

Meet Brian

Brian is a husband, father, technologist, and avid adventurer. As a technical advisor with a strong background in software engineering, cloud computing, and cybersecurity, he is experienced in helping CTOs and CEOs make the right technical decisions for their organizations. He understands the challenges that leaders face when it comes to technology. That’s why he takes a pragmatic approach, focusing on delivering tangible results that have a real impact on business performance. By leveraging his deep understanding of the technology landscape and his experience working with startups and established organizations alike, he is able to provide valuable insights and guidance that help drive strategic decision-making.

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