Discover the secret strategies that can ignite your business growth and save you thousands in taxes. Expert tax strategist Kasey Green reveals advanced techniques like the Augusta strategy and accountable plan that will leave you questioning why you haven’t implemented them before. But be warned, once the episode ends, you’ll be left wondering how to navigate the complex world of finance and taxes all on your own.

Key Notes

  • 1. Illuminate the potential of strategic tax planning for entrepreneurs in the quest for maximized savings and minimized tax burdens.
  • 2. Discover the power unlocked by aligning your entrepreneurial growth plans with potent tax-saving maneuvers.
  • 3. Dig into the crucial function a fractional CFO could serve for comprehensive understanding and effective management of business finances.
  • 4. Understand the formidable impact of marrying financial planning to the heart of your business for accelerated growth and prosperity.


Meet Kasey

Kasey Green is a seasoned tax strategist and fractional CFO renowned for her ability to drive transformative results through strategic financial planning. With years of experience in tax strategy and accounting, Kasey has helped countless entrepreneurs optimize their financial performance and maximize their tax savings. Her expertise extends to areas such as tax structuring, deductions and credits, recordkeeping, and proactive tax planning. Through her guidance and insights, Kasey empowers business owners to take control of their finances, unlock hidden opportunities, and propel their growth to new heights.

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