Discover how a near-fatal car accident transformed Alan Lazaros’ life and led him to become a successful entrepreneur, helping others achieve peak performance and personal growth. Don’t miss this inspiring story! #Entrepreneurship #PersonalGrowth #PeakPerformance #BusinessSuccess #AlanLazaros #MotivationalStory #SelfImprovement #BusinessCoaching 

Key Notes

  • Alan Lazaros lost his father at a young age and later experienced a near-fatal car accident, which led him to re-evaluate his life. 
  • He transitioned from a successful corporate career to founding his own business, Next Level University. 
  • Emphasizes the importance of personal development, leadership, and establishing key habits for success. 
  • Discusses different leadership styles and the necessity of adapting them to different situations. 
  • Shares his “Big 5 to Thrive” habits: writing, communication, financial tracking, mobility exercises, and regular exercise. 
  • Highlights the importance of branding, marketing, sales, delivery, and community in business success. 


Meet Alan

At age 2, his father passed away in a car accident. At age 26, after getting into a nearly fatal car accident himself, Alan questioned everything he was doing in life. He questioned who he was and the choices he was making. He was at an all-time low and decided to change his trajectory forever. Although he had a successful career in Corporate America, he made the hard decision to start his own business dedicated to helping others get to the Next Level in their life, love, health, and wealth. He is the CEO of the Next Level University podcast, a global top 100 podcast with over 1500 episodes, listened to 150+ countries.  

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