Are you a small business owner looking to save money and simplify your tax planning? In today’s episode, we have tax expert Leland Gross revealing the top strategies that can help you navigate complex tax regulations and optimize your financial health. Stay tuned to discover actionable tips that could transform your business’s financial future! 


  • Introduction to Leland Gross 
  • Importance of Tax Planning for Small Businesses 
  • Effective Tax Strategies 
  • Navigating Tax Regulations 
  • Financial Planning Integration 
  • Practical Tips and Advice 
  • Q&A Session 


Two free meetings to discover what hang-ups you encounter in your business finances and to create high level solutions/directions for you.   

Meet Leland

Leland is a business owner and entrepreneur with over 7+ years of experience as a financial planner. He is the founder of PeaceLink Financial Planning, a fee-for-service financial planning firm that works with REALTORS® and self-employed millennials to help them get the life they want from their business. He was voted Top 40 Under 40 in 2023 by Inside Business. He is also the host of the Self-Employment Success Podcast   

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