Prior to the pandemic, it seemed like figuring out a good work-life balance was a constant struggle for many business owners. Between having too many tasks to complete to having too many clients to work with, there never seemed to be enough time to get everything done. 

Thankfully the pandemic has taught us that we do not need to be as busy as we once were and that it is okay to work at a slower pace. Once the lockdown took place, all of our routines seemed to change. No more time wasted commuting back and forth to work or ineffective staff meetings, but instead we found ourselves having extra time to focus on important projects and tasks. 

As the pandemic continues into 2022, a majority of people are finding that they enjoy the slower pace and aren’t interested in returning to the previous busy work schedule. Although the new slow-paced lifestyle may be difficult to always maintain, the pandemic has taught us to slow down and to appreciate life. 

If you still find yourself busy and stressed during your work day, then it might be time to change your pace. The first step to doing this is by updating your schedule. You should ask yourself if your schedule is actually meeting your daily needs or if it is just adding extra stress in your life? Are you able to give yourself breaks during the day or do you constantly have back-to-back meetings scheduled? 

The first trick to slowing down is making a schedule that allows you to enjoy working and one that doesn’t cause frustrations. It may be beneficial for you to schedule blocks during your day where you can work with no interruptions or so you can give yourself a nice break. It can be helpful to schedule breaks so that you can take time to relax and unwind. 

Like most of us, you are probably always connected to your devices. As an employer, you are continuously receiving emails, texts alerts, and are needing to use the internet. By always being connected, this can easily disrupt your focus and concentration and can affect your stress levels, your relationships, and your work. One way to avoid this is by unplugging once in a while. You can simply place your phone out of sight to give yourself a break or turn off notifications on your device for a short time period so you aren’t tempted while you are working on important tasks. 

Although the pandemic has negatively affected many businesses, it has taught us the importance of slowing down and enjoying our lives. If you find yourself struggling with a work-life balance and are overwhelmed, then it’s time to update your schedule and unplug once in a while so you can start enjoying the little things.

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