The weight of running a business can sometimes feel heavy on a business owner’s shoulders. For some, the stress and anxiety can cause them to have sleepless nights and to consume large amounts of caffeine. There are times where takeout food becomes a consistent option for meals and the gym becomes an unfamiliar place due to hectic schedules.

There will always be busy seasons as business owners, but it doesn’t mean that you have to continue a routine that isn’t sustainable. By making simple diet and fitness changes and checking in on your emotional well-being, as a business owner you will be able to meet high-performance demands and effectively manage your stress. If you are interested in becoming a healthier you, then start by making these small changes to your routine:

1. Eat Right

Although takeout can be tempting due to its convenience, don’t order it just because it is easy.  You can make eating healthy a routine by simply planning your meals ahead of time.

By meal planning once a week, you can have your food prepped and ready to go for your busy work week. Also, be sure to stock your desk, or wherever it is convenient for you to grab a quick bite, with healthy snacks such as granola, protein bars, and veggies to help reduce the urge to go out for fast food. Another option is to subscribe to a meal prep delivery service. This is a great idea for the busy business owner because you won’t have to travel to the grocery store as all of your ingredients will be shipped directly to you.

2. Exercise

Most business owners spend hours a day sitting at their desk or stuck at home on the couch working.

Per the CDC, it is recommended that we get 2.5 hours of moderate aerobic exercise a week and strength training at least twice a week. It’s recommended to block out some time on your calendar to exercise each week or simply set a reminder on your phone to get up once every hour. When scheduling time to exercise, try to schedule these for midday or early mornings. As you know, at the end of a busy workday, the last thing on your mind is exercise. By scheduling time to get moving earlier in the day, you will have more energy to work out.

3. Take Breaks

With how busy your schedule may seem, it may feel impossible to give yourself a break.

However, breaks are crucial in setting yourself up for success and helping your emotional well-being. Do your best to set time periods where you are not connected to your phone or email. Try to disconnect and set boundaries with your clients. Remember if you are all work and no play, then you will most likely experience burnout and won’t be able to work to your fullest potential. Although slowing down may seem counterintuitive, it’s the quickest way to ensure that you are staying healthy.

By learning how to stay healthy during stressful times, you will have less stress and anxiety and will be more productive during your workday!

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