Understanding Bill.com — Our Trusted Tool

Understanding Bill.com — Our Trusted Tool

When it comes to managing our clients’ bookkeeping, we at AB&P trust Bill.com to help us securely and efficiently handle all accounts payable and receivable – saving us, and our clients, more time to help those they serve. We know that you care about your business just as much as we do ours.  This is why we value transparency and think it’s important that every client has the chance to understand how their finances are handled.

So, if you’re curious how your bills are being paid and who works the magic of your cash-flow: we take care of it – through the use of Bill.com.

While other firms are forced to outsource the different facets of billing and invoicing to multiple sites, or spend all day entering each item manually, at Affordable Bookkeeping and Payroll we help streamline the process for our clients by keeping everything in one place.  We do so with scheduled, hands-free, and automatic invoicing and billing all through Bill.com.

As one of the few online accounting softwares capable of giving its user complete control over all aspects of billing, we use Bill.com to help our clients save hours of valuable time by scheduling automatic payments, sending automatic invoices and reminders (paper or digital), installing recurring customer payments, and more.

Their format customizes for each client’s needs – accepting all forms of payment – and with the combination of our bookkeeping experts, by syncing Bill.com to our accounting software and your unique business needs, you can feel empowered with accurate, real-time cash-flow readings that are always up to date.

With Bill.com, all documents and data are securely stored via Cloud and can be accessed across all devices, with an unlimited document storage capacity – making it easier than ever to stay organized and locate old bills and invoices with a click of a button. You can rest easy knowing your information is secure behind the highest level of bank-like encryption.

Here at Affordable Bookkeeping and Payroll, we trust Bill.com – and we think you can too.

Tired of stressing over your own business finances? Join our amazing clientele and let us help! Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote by calling 310-534-5577 or email us at contact@abandp.com.

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