I’m back with an inspiring chat with Brandon Davis, a driven entrepreneur on a mission to empower others to overcome self-limiting beliefs. As someone who discovered business through Shark Tank and built multiple successful companies by age 25, Brandon has an engaging story to share. Through his diverse experiences, from generating millions in revenue with a sales team to developing a tech startup, he’s learned how mindset is key. In this laid-back convo, Brandon explains his motto get over yourself – adopting a learning mindset to grow through life’s challenges. I appreciate his authenticity in opening up about his supportive upbringing and the failures along his journey. He offers tactical advice for entrepreneurs on adapting across industries and motivating teams. I love his emphasis on mindset shifts over dwelling on rejection. Brandon also discusses tailoring his message, not expecting a one-size-fits-all approach to resonate with everyone. If you want an inspirational pep talk on getting out of your own way to accomplish big goals, have a listen! Then let me know your main takeaways in the comments.  

Key Notes

  • Unleash Your Potential: Overcoming self-limiting beliefs to supercharge your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Harness the Power of Support: Understanding the impact of family support on entrepreneurial success.
  • Lead to Success: Strategies for unlocking the potential of your sales team and driving results.
  • Adapt and Thrive: Mastering the art of adapting business strategies across diverse industries.
  • Build Stronger Connections: Exploring the importance of relationship building in achieving business success.


Meet Brandon

Brandon Davis knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur from a young age when he sat watching ABC’s Shark Tank on the TV. He was fascinated with the idea of starting his own business to help people improve their lives in all capacities.

Although Brandon is still young, he has successfully grown 3 different businesses – Hoover Davis Landscaping, U County Christmas Lights, & Get Over Yourself LLC. Brandon is now working full time on his tech startup, Interval.
Along his journey of entrepreneurship, Brandon recognized that so many individuals around him were letting their own self-limitations and fear of the unknown stop them from chasing their dreams and diving in head first. Since seeing this pattern, Brandon has made it his mission to build up those around him and help them learn how to “Get Over Themselves.” That’s the message he spreads today.

If you’re looking for an exciting guest who can connect with a younger audience as well as help an older audience kick it into gear, Brandon is your guy!

Fun facts about Brandon :

  • Speaks fluent Portuguese
  • Married at 21
  • Led sales team that generated $3,000,000 in revenue in 4 months
  • Loves Baseball
  • Christian

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