With the rise of telecommuting due to the COVID-19 pandemic, HR teams have had to navigate new challenges in the hiring process. Since most businesses are still largely operating remotely, the task of interviewing candidates for open positions can seem even more challenging than under normal conditions. Finding the right fit for your company is incredibly important, and the current pandemic and social distancing requirements shouldn’t mean that you compromise your team and end up with a less-than-stellar hire. Utilize the following tips to attract the right candidates, help your interview process go smoothly, and get your new employees settled into your company culture.

Craft an Honest Job Description

Be clear in your job description, not avoiding potential turn offs that you think may scare away potential hires. The right candidate will see the difficult parts of the job as challenges to overcome, and may even enjoy them. Being open about the less glamorous aspects of the position will ensure that you hire the right fit and that your new employee will not quit a few weeks into their new position.

Utilize Technology

It likely doesn’t come as a surprise that utilizing technology is one of the most important ways you can streamline your remote hiring process. While most employers realize the importance of LinkedIn and are currently using videoconferencing to interview candidates, you can go even further in using technology to assist you in your search. According to Journal of Accountancy, thinking beyond video interviews is a must for HR departments currently seeking to fill open positions. One thing they recommend is utilizing a software that allows candidates to include video clips in their initial applications. This helps you get to know the candidates better and is especially important if you expect your new hire to interact with your clients or customers over video, as you can see their mannerisms and social skills in action.

Let Applicants Get to Know You

Don’t stop at getting to know your candidate. You’ll want to make sure that you also give applicants the chance to get to know you and your company. Include language in your job posting that gives an insight into your company culture. You may also want to arrange a Zoom meeting between the team into which you are hiring a new employee and any applicants that you are seriously considering to make sure that everyone’s personalities mesh well.

Bring Them into the Fold

Once you’ve made your hire, don’t forget to welcome them into your company the same way you have done for employees in the past. Creating a virtual new hire lunch can be a great way to introduce your staff members to your new team member and begin fostering positive colleague relationships. For more tips on how to create a positive company culture while telecommuting, please read our article here.

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