The South Bay Women’s Conference is Here!

The South Bay Women’s Conference is Here!

As a proud sponsor of the South Bay Business Women’s Association (SBBWA), here at AB&P we are so excited to announce that early bird tickets to this year’s annual South Bay Women’s Conference are now available!

A local non-profit organization based in the South Bay, Los Angeles region, the SBBWA focuses on empowering and strengthening working women in the community by providing support, encouragement, education, and networking opportunities through their many monthly events and mixers. And as the crowning jewel of the SBBWA’s events, the South Bay Women’s Conference is no exception.

Featuring keynote speakers, scholarship giveaways, networking luncheons, and plenty of like-minded businesswomen and vendors, the South Bay Women’s Conference is an all-day event that never fails to send its attendees home feeling refreshed, empowered, and brimming with new business connections. Plus, with ample sponsorship opportunities, the South Bay Women’s Conference makes for an excellent outlet to help earn a new business valuable exposure with the leading ladies in local business.

The real beauty to the South Bay Women’s Conference, however, is that all ticket proceeds go towards funding scholarships for young, forward-thinking women in the community helping them to achieve their goals and attend the college of their dreams. However, as the scholarship amounts are entirely dependent on sponsorships and how many conference tickets are sold, we need your help to ensure the brightest futures for scholarship recipients.

To help women in your community and sign up for a day of fun, laughter, learning, and lasting relationships, click here to purchase your early bird tickets today while rates are still low!

This year’s South Bay Women’s Conference will be held on Friday, May 11th, at the Marriott Hotel in Torrance, California. For info on how to become a sponsor, ticket rates, scholarship details, driving directions, and more, click here for more information.

We look forward to seeing you there!

P.S. Can’t make it to this year’s conference? Help us spread the word by inviting your friends, donating, or sharing this post on social media. Thank you so much for your support – you truly are making a difference!

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